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We manufacture Audio Video Co-Axial Cables that are used extensively for transferring of audio / video signals in Cable TV Operation, Dish TV, Computer Networking, CCTV, Broodcast, MATV, Citizen band Antenna, Local Area Network. It has a central conductor that is 99.97% pure and insulated with specially imported polythene foaming compound. Our range of cables is suitable in very sensitive equipment's with 0 dB loses. Picture and Voice Quality shall be very high with Network Cables.

Technical Specifications:

Co-Axial Cables (Sizes)

  • RG-59
  • RG-6
  • RG-11
  • RG-9
  • RG-8

Computer Cables(Sizes)

  • CAT-5
  • CAT-5(F.T.P.)
  • CAT-5E
  • CAT-6

Data Cables(Sizes)

  • 7/38 2 Core to 24 Core
  • 7/38 Mic Cable
  • LCD Display Cable
  • As per Customer
  • Specification

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